Thinkpen is an award-winning graphic design studio that creates visual identity for books + brands. With 20+ years of experience, Thinkpen thrives when serving publishers, startups, and SMBs (small to mid-sized businesses), dreaming up and crafting the art direction, then executing clean design for their product or service. Specific areas of studio expertise include but are not limited to print product design, corporate identity, packaging, catalogs, and other brand-appropriate collateral.
A book is judged by its coverAnd, this translates to sales. So, publishers need assurance that their investment in a new product results in maximized sales with minimized risk. And, Thinkpen helps clients with cover to cover design service, combining 20+ years of experience with conviction that a highly effective book cover balances the subjectivity of art with objective market facts and trends. A book is a lot like a brand!
A business is judged by its branding. And, this translates to sales. Small to mid-sized companies also need assurance that their investment is well made. Thinkpen works closely with clients to craft a visual brand expression that carefully balances what its target market desires with a unique voice that stands out from competitors. Defining the look & feel of a startup venture or even a simple brand refresh can be very exciting. And, breathing life into an idea lifted from the back of a napkin is Thinkpen’s sweet spot!
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